Veggiespize 5 Blade Spiralizer Review

Veggiespize 5 Blade Spiralizer Review

A spiralizer or spiral vegetable slicer is a nice addition to your range of kitchen gadgets. Why is it a good addition? It’s because it will allow you to create extra meals and at the same time flex your creative muscles. Having this one around will also help you enhance the quality of your favorite recipes, both savory and sweet.

It will also encourage healthier eating. One of the most popular dishes that can be made with a bit of help from the device is pasta and noodles made with zucchini strands. If you want to cut down on carbs, you can still consume pasta and noodles by way of their veggie versions.

Apart from those dishes, though, you can make plenty of meal ideas out of such a device. Furthermore, it makes food preparation a faster, less tedious job.

For this review, we are going to discuss the workings of Veggiespize’s Blade Spiralizer. Read on for more information about the product.


  • Has heavy-duty build and design
  • Has a total of 5 interchangeable blades (including a 2-mm angel hair blade and a curly-fry blade)
  • Helps you make fresh, healthy dishes like vegetable lasagna, zucchini angel hair pasta and curly fries, which are popular with kids
  • Has stainless steel blades and is made with BPA-free plastic
  • Has free spare parts offer for life
  • Free recipes every month after email purchase

Benefits of the Veggiespize 5 Blade Spiralizer

The spiralizer like this model from Veggiespize is a kitchen gadget that lets users make veggie versions of traditional pasta and noodles.

This is perfect for individuals who are watching their carbohydrate intake, vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists and people who want to take on healthier eating habits. This is also recommended for adventurous foodies who love creating and eating new dishes.

You can make use of vegetables like cucumbers, radishes, zucchini, butternut squash and other firm, hard veg on the Veggiespize 5 Blade Spiralizer. Just position the produce securely on the unit and as it gets throughout the spiralizer, it turns into thin or thick spirals or strands, whatever your preferred thickness.

However, it does not only cover those particular dishes. You can also make curly fries sit it and make pretty, colorful garnishes on it. The thinner strips that the device can produce are ideal for dishes like salads, stews, casseroles, and stir-fries.

Food processors and mandolins have their own purposes, and a spiralizer is different from those kitchen aids. Even if you are not steering clear of carbs, this particular device is still handy for chopping and slicing vegetables and fruit in a manner that will add more flair and flavor to your meals.

Not only will you acquire, cleanly-cut, thin veggies that you can supplement on your favorite dishes, but the spiral shapes are gorgeous and palatable to look at.

This is a simple approach to enhance food presentation and a good way to impress your guests. It will encourage you more to eat your vegetables and acquire all the nutrients you need.

For the majority of customers who purchased this Veggiespize product, the product was a success. It provides a fun and creative approach to eating healthy. Many praised its angel hair blade and flat blade because it worked excellently on many vegetables, including zucchini.

Making noodles and ribbons out of butternut squash, certainly one of the hardest veggies to work with, was completely hassle-free as well. Furthermore, many loved that the item was lightweight and as easy to assemble and use.

To make the most out of the device, though, you have to remember a few pointers. First, you have to attach a thin segment of cardboard beneath the crank piece or slider so the device will remain secure and will operate without moving.

If you notice that the suction of the unit is not functioning, you can position a bowl or plate against your backsplash and push the spiralizer up alongside it to fix the item in place. Push forward and it will not slide around.

As for maintenance and cleaning, you can clean the blades of the item by scrubbing them off with a brush. Rinse them out with water after a scrubbing.

Things to be aware of

Some customers were disappointed that the curly fry blade turned out to be a flat spiral. Another customer complained that the suction cups did not function on all surfaces. The sliding and jiggling can be settled though. Produce will also entail plenty of spills so make sure to clean the blades pronto after use so the juices will not stain the blades.

Bottom Line

Overall the Veggispize’s 5 Blade Spiralizer is a nice buy. However, you may have to look for another if you want a curly-fry blade that provides said actual shape, not a flat spiral.

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