Spiralizer Purchase Considerations

Spiralizer Purchase Considerations

If you are after a healthier eating plan this year, investing in a good spiralizer might help you a lot. By increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, you will partake in meals that are fewer in calories, carbs, and fat, but packed with tons of nutrients.

Spiralizing veggies is one great way to eat your produce in a tastier and more creative manner. The device will help you make pasta and noodles minus the carbs, and you can also make fries and cut up veggies with this kitchen gadget, too.

A spiralizer that works perfectly will provide you with spirals, strands, and ribbons easily and cleanly. In this article, we are going to discuss the kinds of spiralizers and how much you must spend on one.

Basically, there are 3 kinds of spiralizers and they are the following:


The benchtop model allows users to manually create their produce. It typically includes interchangeable blades to create a selection of spirals with varying thicknesses. The blades can be stored in the device when not in use.

The majority of these kinds of spiralizer operate by pushing the veggie or fruit in a horizontal manner.  This allows users to place longer segments of produce.

There are also models that allow vertical alignment. You might be required to first cut the veggies or fruits into smaller pieces in order to place them into the device, but putting effort in a downward manner could be simpler and faster compared with steady cranking movements in horizontal style.

The device also includes suction-cup or rubber feet to help make the unit remain in place as the device is being used.


Handheld models are lightweight, compact, and quite portable; you can take them anywhere with you. However, this kind of spiralizer needs more manual work in order to crank out the strands. The device has to be rotated or twisted as if sharpening a pencil.

This model is usually accompanied by two blades on all of its ends, or it may come with interchangeable ones. The handheld model can be a bit of a challenge though, since it can be tricky maintaining even, stable control of. Due to its design, the strands or ribbons that come out of it might have different lengths.


Electric models can be fastened to a suitable stand mixer or it can be a separate unit. It often includes interchangeable blades and since it runs on electricity, it does not require much effort to crank out strands of produce.

An excellent spiralizer will include a “holder” that gathers the ribbons or strands following the spiralizing procedure. It will also include convenient features like blade storage.

Meanwhile, the kind of blades will be based on the spiralizer brand so you should check out the instruction manual that comes with the model first. You may have to perform some trial and error first to determine which blade is ideal for your selected recipe. There are blades that are described as coarse, thin, julienne, ribbon, shoestring and spaghetti.

Spiralizers have extremely sharp blades and must be handled with care at all times. The majority of models often feature exposed blades over the course of the spiralizing process, but there are always instructional guides included on the models regarding how to use the product and how to clean it.

How much must you spend on a spiralizer though? The majority of manual models usually have prices that range from $40, with high-end ones running over a hundred dollars.

However, with a handheld spiralizer best price options range from $15 to $20. As mentioned earlier, there are available electric models which will make those procedures effortless and quicker to accomplish. These models have prices that begin at $40.

In general, the more expensive a model, the more it features a selection of attachments and blades. If you want to make pasta or noodles in a variety of thicknesses and wider vegetable selections, then it is best that you invest on a model with a bigger range of blade attachments.

If you only want to create zucchini pasta on the device, then look for a simpler, minimal version. There is a good range of spiralizers available out there these days that you will not have any difficulties choosing one that will easily cater to your needs.

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