Spiralizer Cleanup and Maintenance

Spiralizer Cleanup and Maintenance

The spiralizer is a kind of kitchen aid that is employed to cut up and slice vegetables. However, compared to other kitchen devices like the mandolin, spiralizers are capable of slicing vegetables into thin or thick spirals or even strands.

If you want to create spirals for your salads or soups, you can use a spiralizer on your choice fruit or vegetable. However, it cannot accommodate all kinds of produce. The device works best with vegetables and fruits with firm flesh.

The most popular produce choices for spiralizers include zucchini, squash, apples, radish, beets, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, and eggplant.

If you want to up your healthy eating a notch, you can use a spiralizer to provide variations in your menu. This is a newfangled way of cutting and eating vegetables, and a little change every now and then in your weekly menu is recommended.

You can switch your traditional pasta up with vegetable noodles every now and then for fewer calories and great servings of nutrients. This is one of the best benefits of the spiralizer – its ability to provide consumers to make food that is low in calories yet high in vitamins and minerals.

Families have also shown plenty of appreciation for the device because it makes vegetables yummier for children. Kids are very hard to please when it comes to food and the food that they despise the most are vegetables.

If you have picky children who do not want to eat their share of veggies, you can make your veg dishes more appetizing for them by serving them as noodles or mixing them with other vegetables and food items in order to create a colorful mix. That way, all those combined colors and yummy flavors will pull in kids and make their palates more adventurous.

The spiralizer will also make food preparation easier for you. You won’t have to deal with slicing and cutting vegetables one by one in order to create strands. You can do those methods with just one device. It makes for safer food prep as well since the time you will spend on slicing vegetables and fruits will be cut short and instead the spiralizer will do the job for you.

A spiralizer requires minimal cleanup and maintenance. The simplest way to clean them is to put them under running water and wash them right away following every use. Washing them without delay will make the vegetable remains easier to scrub off of the device and the spiralizer blades.

To soften the vegetable remains even more, you can use warm, sudsy water on it. Run water all over the blades and make use of a hard brush to get rid of the veggie matter. Be careful while cleaning the device, since the blades of the unit are extremely sharp.

After washing the item, position them on top of a soft, clean rag and leave it lying there until the items are dry. As soon as the items are dry, set them up then keep them in the cupboard until they are ready for use.

Be careful of using vegetables and fruits that can stain the color of the spiralizer. At this time, the majority of spiralizers are white in color. Vegetables like carrots, beets, broccoli, and squash may tint the device with their juices. Wash the item as soon as possible in order to maintain its pristine color.

You can also leave the item for an hour in bleach, but remember to take away the blades and do not include them in the bleach solution. However, before you try this one out, make sure that the item is bleach-safe.

Cleaning a spiralizer is an easy job—all you have to learn is how to disassemble the entire set-up before the cleaning procedure and put them together after the parts have dried.

Assembling them all together should be an easy task as well; if you encounter any difficulties while setting up the device, you might be doing it in an incorrect manner. Do not worry – all spiralizer models include manuals or instruction guides to help users understand how it operates and how it is assembled.

There are plenty of spiralizers available on the market now and they all differ in terms of features and prices. Due to the massive availability of the device, you will not have a hard time buying one that fits your needs.