Reasons Why You Need a Spiralizer

Reasons Why You Need a SpiralizerReasons Why You Need a Spiralizer

Not all of us are blessed with big kitchens. While a kitchen gadget that has all the features you need is considered by many as a good investment, they are pretty sizable and require more room on your countertop.

If you want compact kitchen gadgets that will make food preparation easier and faster to accomplish, why not check out a spiralizer? The spiralizer is available in 3 kinds – the benchtop, the electric model, and the handheld kind. A model that has plenty of features will, of course, cost more compared with standard ones.

When it comes to kitchen basics, spiralizer units have similarities with the mandolin, but unlike that particular unit, this one can easily crank out strands, ribbons and twists, shapes that are a bit tricky to accomplish by using a simple vegetable peeler. Here are more reasons why you should have one in the kitchen.

If you have picky kids, you will motivate them to eat their veggies

Adults have a far more adventurous palate compared to kids, which is why the majority of children do not like the taste and texture of vegetables. With a spiralizer, you can make pasta and noodles out of these hated veggies and pass them up as the genuine thing for your kids, topped with the pasta sauce they love.

Now they will finally be able to eat all of the zucchini pasta they need and all those carrot curls and twisty fries as well. You can also make chips out of the produce that comes out of the device, cut them into pieces and bake them with a little salt or any of your choice seasonings.

Veggie noodles and pasta are delicious and healthy

This is related to the first reason but we will be more in-depth in this part. A better alternative to those carb-laden pasta and noodle dishes is through the use of produce via the spiralizer. They absorb sauce well and it goes with all kinds of pasta sauces plus pesto too.

The spiralizer can make strands and noodles out of the aforementioned zucchini, carrots, potato, sweet potato, butternut squash, daikon, and a lot more. However, you have to keep in mind that each strand or ribbon is at least 1.5 inches in terms of diameter.

The texture and mouthfeel that you will get from spiralized vegetables are different compared to traditional means of breaking them down into smaller segments or rounds. It has a more delicate texture to it which makes eating them a vastly different, enjoyable experience.

It provides easy, quick meals

Veggie noodles made with zucchini and squash do not take too long to cook and you can cook them in the simplest ways in just a matter of minutes. You can make a stir-fry out of them together with several cut-up vegetables then throw in some salt, pepper, and garlic in the mix for a hassle-free side dish.

If you want a meal that’s on the spot, you can add meatballs, diced chicken, tuna, or your favorite tomato sauce in the mix and you will have a complete meal.

Apart from making them into main dishes or as sides, you can also turn those produce strands and ribbons into a salad, or you can use them as garnish topped on soups or around roasted chicken or turkey. But remember, there are only certain kinds of vegetables that you can use on the device.

Veggies and fruits with firm, dense flesh are ideal, while softer ones will not work well.

So should you act fast and get a spiralizer? If you want to get out of that boring menu rut, then it is advised that you should. If you have children who are not into the whole challenge of eating vegetables, you must go and look for a spiralizer now.

If your kitchen is big enough for such a model then opt for a stronger tabletop model that you can use time and again. If you want to use the item regularly, you must go for a model that has several blades, which allow for a selection of varying cuts of produce.

The market is abuzz with a great range of spiralizers that fit every budget and preference. Due to the availability of the item, you will not have a hard time choosing one that best fits your favored price point and needs.

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