Lurch Germany Super Vegetable Spiralizer Review

Lurch Germany Super Vegetable Spiralizer Review

The spiralizer was initially created in Japan, and due to it being a nifty, useful device, the response towards the kitchen gadget was overwhelmingly positive.

Its popularity paved the way for the manufacture of different models that cater to the varying needs and preferences of consumers. The spiralizer is considered by many as an essential kitchen gadget that supplements healthy eating practices.

The Lurch Germany Super Vegetable Spiralizer is one example of the device. It allows users to be creative with their food with a little help from the gadget. It includes 3 varying blades and one can easily use fruits and vegetables in it in order to make spirals, pasta strands, and more.

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  • Can cut vegetables and fruit into spirals and pasta strands
  • Includes 3 blades from spaghetti fine, spaghetti coarse, and the Tornado blade
  • Tornado blade cutting width is adjustable
  • Ideal for making veggie tornados and curly fries
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Benefits of the Lurch Germany Super Vegetable Spiralizer

This spiralizer model from Lurch is durable and strong, plus it has a compact structure which will not take up so much space in your kitchen. It is user-friendly and easy to use; the whole assembly includes the usual variety of blades, a detachable handle grip, and the hand crank.

To use the device, users have to fasten their preferred produce into its pronged holder then press it in until the vegetable or fruit is even with the device’s blade. Cut the produce into the shape you need and it will be ready in no time. The procedure is similar to sharpening a pencil.

The device has 3 interchangeable inserts, 2 spaghetti blades, and one blade that has a thicker width for a wider variety of strand thickness. It is made with quality plastic and makes for easy clean up and aftercare.

Plastic spiralizers are in fact more affordable compared to metal ones. While there are plastic models that are flimsy and not sturdy enough, this one from Lurch has a good build and it feels sufficient.

The blades of the item are stored in its accompanying drawers for convenience and is a must for individuals who often misplace items around the kitchen. They are significantly sharp and are made with stainless steel, which counts for efficiency when it comes to slicing and cutting.

Furthermore, the device has 4 slip-resistant suction feet that secure the spiralizer on the tabletop or the counter’s surface.

You can employ the device on a selection of fruits and veggies, just as long as they are not the soft or spongy type. They are ideal for produce with a firmer flesh like carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, potatoes, apples, and beets.

There are plenty of available recipes that you can use on these vegetables, but the most popular among them would have to be pasta, noodles, chips, and fries. You can also use the spiralized veggies as garnishes for other dishes.

Shifting the device’s hand crank was easy work, likewise adjusting its size and positioning the produce between the hand crank and the blades. After the produce are positioned correctly, users can go ahead with turning the crank with some effort in the blade’s direction.

As soon as you have familiarized yourself with the workings of the device, you will have your own lovely spiralized produce in the fastest time possible. The Lurch spiralizer works on most vegetables, so this is a handy gadget to have around the kitchen.

Cleaning the item was also easy and it can be done in a matter of minutes. Getting the lingering produce off from the blades’ edges will take a little effort, but you can wash the remains out of it by brushing them off under running water.

Things to be aware of

The thing about plastic models is that they can get stained from produce that have strong colors. If you frequently use colored vegetables like beets regularly, it might stain the device’s surface over time.

According to another user, the accompanying handle grip was not that beneficial. It was way easier to just put a little pressure if you press on the track of the crank moderately using a thumb at the back.

Bottom Line

Lurch Germany’s Super Vegetable Spiralizer is something that you need to check out in case you need one to create those amazing, healthy veggie noodles and pasta.

Creativity does not stop short with this kind of device and it will inspire you more to whip up your own recipes and keep up with that healthier eating lifestyle. A recommended purchase among a selection of spiralizers.

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