Chiba Tsumakirikun Vegetable Turning Slicer Review

Chiba Tsumakirikun Vegetable Turning Slicer Review

Cooking requires preparation, and at times we spend a good amount of time cutting, dicing, and slicing vegetables needed for certain recipes.

In case you are tired of doing all that work on vegetable peelers just to get those longer strips of produce, you can shorten your prep time with a vegetable slicer or spiralizer. Now you won’t have to stand for hours in the kitchen slicing and cutting veggies for hours.

There are plenty of models available on the market these days, and it can be overwhelming to choose from the lot. That’s why we provide reviews in order to make those decisions sounder and faster. For this review, we are going to discuss the Tsumakirikun Vegetable Turning Slicer from Chiba.


  • It has an automatic feed with a 1 mm pitch
  • Has overall dimensions of 370 × 135 × 210 mm
  • Weighs 1kg
  • Has maximum diameter (for use) of 130 mm
  • Has maximum length (for use) of 150mm
  • Has blade benches with 1.0 mm and 2.5 mm comb blades
  • Has optional 4 mm blades available
  • Capable of cutting noodle and flat spiral shapes
  • Gives fast output

Benefits of the Tsumakirikun Vegetable Turning Slicer

Using the Tsumakirikun will pave the way for safer slicing and cutting. You won’t have to fret over your lack of culinary skills in the kitchen anymore, since now you have a spiralizer that will do all the work. They are also a breeze to maintain, though it does have to be tended and maintained manually.

However, as soon as the device is used, washing and cleaning the whole thing is a snap to do. Most vegetable slicers work manually as well and do not require electricity to work, so you won’t have to deal with having it serviced by an electrician if it malfunctions.

Owning a vegetable slicer has a range of benefits. You have to know and comprehend that cooking should not be a hard, complicated activity. You can create a variety of dishes with the Tsumarikirikun effortlessly and make your veggie strands and ribbons in half the time.

The Tsumarikirikun is an ultra-sharp, high-quality manual veggie slicer. It has an automated feeding system that works as soon as the user places his or her chosen produce in it. Users must place the produce on its top and rotate the handle while pressing the button that is fastened to the top.

The blade bench will surface without trouble, and by pressing the left and right of the blade bench, users can clean the device up following each use. Because it is manually operated, the device can be washed with soap and water.

With the strands, ribbons, and strips that you can make out of this, you can create a number of dishes from said produce other than having them as garnishes.

The model is made by Chiba and is utilized in plenty of restaurants in its country of manufacture, Japan. It was depended on for the simple and fuss-free production of vegetable noodles due to it being a user-friendly and fast-acting device. The unit is also used by plenty of health enthusiasts, vegetarians, vegans, and raw food fans.

Plenty of vegetable slicers do their job decently, but with the Tsumarikirikun, you will notice that it stands out from other like units due to it being a beautifully-designed device. It includes sharp, superior-quality steel blades from Japan.

While there is an option for 4 mm blades, the package typically includes a 1 mm blade for making thin noodles similar to angel hair pasta and 2.5 mm blades ideal for making zucchini spaghetti. Users can also create flatter spiral cuts out of the device.

You will notice that the device provides smoothly-cut and sliced produce, which is another indication of the excellence of Japanese craftsmanship.

The sharp blades of the unit glide smoothly along the surface and inside of the densest vegetables you have to handle. Push down on the big button on top of the handle carriage and it will trigger the auto feed, which pushes the produce into the device with every spin of the handle.

Once this auto feed is activated, users can then breeze through food preparation without any trouble, making it ideal for commercial use in raw food places, vegetarian restaurants, and sushi bars.

Things to be aware of

The product did not display any disadvantages, hence it retains its reliability as a high-quality unit.

Bottom Line

One of the good things about the Tsumakirikun Vegetable Turning Slicer slicer is that it gives users the capability to cut and slice their produce in a clean, uniform manner.

It also comes with a selection of blades in case you need thinner or thicker slices. Because of the blade attachments, you can easily churn out the kind of shape you need, quick and easy. A great recommendation from a country that knows excellent workmanship, detail, and functionality.

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