Benriner Turner Slicer Review

Benriner Turner Slicer Review

Turning your vegetables and fruits into attractive spirals can be very rewarding, especially for your diet. Spiralizers have changed the way people see and eat vegetables and fruits. The Benriner Turner Slicer is a product made in Japan and its quality reflectsits high price point. It may be expensive but it certainly delivers.


  • Quality made in Japan
  • Comes with 4 different blades made from stainless steel
  • Easy to use
  • Durable plastic design
  • Side crank operation
  • Makes “50 servings in 5 minutes” according to the manufacturer


If it’s made in Japan, you’ll know it’s made to be high quality, especially when it has something to do with cutting. The Benriner Turner Slicer makes four different kinds of zoodles with its four different blades including fine-toothed, flat-edged, medium-toothed blade, and a coarse-toothed blade. You can switch out the blades easily with the simple turning of the thumb screw.

Using the Benriner Turner Slicer is as easy as it looks. You simply place the fruit or vegetable, prepared beforehand, in the center spike and turn the crank so that it attaches securely to the vegetable. You then turn the crank and you’ll get beautiful fruit and vegetable spirals as a result.

The slicer is made out of plastic but it does not feel cheap at all. It is actually quite sturdy and durable and will give you years of operation. It also comes in a pastel green color that’s relaxing to the eyes and complements the colors of your fruits and vegetables.

One advantage of the horizontal spiralizer compared to vertical models is that you get plenty of room for bigger fruits and vegetables. You also have more room for your spiralized vegetables.

You can catch it directly on a large plate and have it ready to serve or turn into delicious meals as opposed to the vertical model where you have to empty out the container time and again because it becomes full very quickly. You won’t even have to apply a lot of pressure. The whole operation is smooth and easy.

The Benriner also claims to be able to make 50 servings in just five minutes. Whether it’s five minutes or more, you’ll definitely be able to make plenty of servings as opposed to using a knife or a mandolin.


The price is a little steep for some. Of course, it is made in Japan and you certainly get the quality you pay for but the price tag may be too much for some people. There are also other models which can compete with this one for a lower price.

Safety is the number one issue with the Benriner. It’s definitely for professionals and not for amateurs or kids because you’ll be handling exposed blades when you choose to change out a blade. The blades use stainless steel rather than plastic, so you better be careful.

It doesn’t hold onto the countertop as well as many people would like, but it does have rubber stoppers that you can place on the bottom so that it doesn’t move around as much. You can also secure it with both hands as you operate.


You get what you pay for with the Benriner Turner Slicer in terms of quality, but safety is an issue with the exposed blades. The Benriner gets a 4.5 out of 5 product rating.

Final Comparison

Benriner also has a vertical slicer model called the Benriner Cook Help Slicer. If you already have the Turner Slicer, you’ll be happy to note that you can use the same blades on both types of slicers.

Using it is easy and it doesn’t produce much waste because most of the vegetable is used up. The downside is that the core isn’t separated like when using the Turner Slicer, so you may get soggier noodles.

You get the same issues as with the Turner Slicer especially with the exposed handling of the blades, but if you don’t have any problems with this, you’ll most likely be happy with these Benriner products.

Another option you have is the Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer. You get more noodle shapes with the Brieftons spiralizer because it comes with 5 blades. All blades are encased in plastic so you won’t have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself. Changing the blades is easy and quick to do.

Operating the Brieftons is a lot similar to the Benriner but with the former model you get more freebies like 3 exclusive recipe books so you get to enjoy your spiralized fruits and vegetables more. Lastly, it comes at a more affordable price than the Benriner.

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