Best Vegetable Spiralizer: The Best Spiralizers for Healthier Dishes at Home

Best Vegetable Spiralizer The Best Spiralizers for Healthier Dishes at Home

Spiralizing sounds interesting and tastes interesting too. This is because spiralizing turns your ordinary fruits and vegetables into noodles. Magic? No. More like very good engineering.

In order to spiralize, you’ll need a spiralizer. There are many available in the market and they come in different shapes and sizes and at different prices. There are handheld models, portable models, countertop models, and commercial models. These also come with different attachments.

With all the spiralizers available in the market, it’s safe to say that spiralizing has become the hot new trend for eating vegetables and fruits.

What’s so special about it? Well, it turns your vegetables into your favorite pasta dishes minus the carbs. It’s a healthy way to lose weight, plus it’s vegan-friendly, contains no gluten, and allows you to create healthy and totally tasty dishes out of spiralized vegetables.

If you’ve been wanting to live healthy and prolong your life, or want your kids to start eating their vegetables with gusto, or simply want to lose weight without sacrificing taste, spiralizing is the way to go. Now, let’s get started on helping you choose the best vegetable spiralizer in the market.

How to Choose the Best Vegetable Spiralizer

If you’re ready to purchase your very first spiralizer or are looking to replace your old one, knowing how to choose the best vegetable spiralizer is a good place to start. There are many spiralizers in the market, so it’s best you know how to choose which one is best for you.


How much should you spend on a spiralizer? Spiralizers can range from less than $20 to more than $50. The more you spend on a spiralizer, the more attachments and bonuses you get.

If you feel you can make the most out of all the attachments and bonuses that come with an expensive spiralizer, then you can go ahead and purchase one. If you only want to use a spiralizer occasionally, you may want to go with one of the simple and inexpensive models.


The inexpensive models are usually handheld and use a similar mechanism to that of a pencil sharpener. This means more effort on your part when using the spiralizer. If you want to make things easier as you spiralize vegetables, you can opt for the more expensive countertop models.


Spiralizers come in two orientations, vertical and horizontal. There are advantages and disadvantages to both designs. Vertical models require less effort and do not move around a lot. However, it usually limits the size of the vegetables you can spiralize.

It also leaves behind a small unused disc and the noodles are usually soggier as the core is spiralized as well. The horizontal spiralizer leaves behind a core, but gives you a drier noodle. It also allows for bigger vegetables to be spiralized. However, it requires more effort to spiralize and it moves more compared to the vertical spiralizers.

The best vegetable spiralizer can differ from one person to another. It’s best to define what you need and like first before considering what others think are best.

What to Look for in the Best Vegetable Spiralizer

Since there are many spiralizers in the market, it’s also best to look at the details about what it has to offer. Here are some things you can look out for in the best vegetable spiralizer:


Spiralizers make use of blades. These blades are very sharp, so safety is of utmost importance. You want to look at the spiralizer’s features and check whether or not the blades are exposed, if the blades need interchanging or not, and the like. These can make the difference between an accident happening or being avoided completely.

Suction bases

This is especially true for countertop models. You want spiralizers that don’t move around a lot in order for you to spiralize efficiently. The base should have plenty of suction in order to be able to stay put on the counter pretty well.

Ease of assembly

Does the spiralizer come preassembled? Are the instructions clear and easy to understand? Are there instructional videos and helpful communities online?

Blade containers

If your spiralizer comes with interchangeable blades, you want to look out to see if it has a container to store the blades or not. You want to get a spiralizer with a container for its blades to avoid loss and injury.

Ease of cleanup

How easy is it to clean? Are the parts dishwasher safe?

The best vegetable spiralizer should have the features you need. If you find a spiralizer meets all these requirements and more, then that is probably the best spiralizer for you.

The Inspiralizer

The Inspiralizer is steadily becoming more popular in its niche because it is very versatile. When it comes to convenience, ease of use, and safety, the Inspiralizer has got you covered on all these bases and more.


  • Four noodle shapes to choose from
  • No need to change out blades with the innovative noodle twister
  • Counter clamps help secure the spiralizer
  • Blades have a safety cover to avoid injuries and accidents
  • Fully assembled and comes ready to use
  • Large support network at
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


The Inspiralizer is one of the most well designed vegetable spiralizers out there in the market. Safety is prioritized and you see it in every aspect of its design. It gives you four noodle shapes to choose from without having to change the blades once. This is all due to the innovative noodle twister.

Twist the knob to get the desired shape you want. You can choose from linguine, fettuccine, spaghetti, and wide ribbon noodle shapes. The more shapes, the more interesting your dishes look and the more varied your recipes will be.

The construction of the Inspiralizer is pretty durable. It is BPA free so you won’t be ingesting any harmful substances, just the nutrients from your vegetables. The design has been upgraded to give you the smallest core possible but without sacrificing the hold of your vegetables for a better spiralizing experience.

This is a countertop turner slicer in a horizontal orientation. You won’t notice a lot of budging and moving as you use the Inspiralizer thanks to its suction base with counter clamps for added security.

Lastly, it comes ready to use straight out of the box and is easy to wash. All you need is a brush and your spiralizer can be cleaned up in no time.

Things to Be Aware Of

The price may be a bit too high for people who just want to start out with spiralizing. However, the price point is pretty fair compared to the competition and you get more than what you pay for.

It’s made of plastic, but a metal spiralizer would be better for many people. However, a metal spiralizer would cost more and besides, the durability of the Inspiralizer is unquestionable.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great spiralizer to start out with. Sure, it may be a bit expensive for a beginner, but it’s super easy to use. The Inspiralizer even has its own online community where you can check out new recipes as well as search for tips and tricks to get the most out of your product.

GEFU Spiralfix Spiral Cutter

The GEFU Spiralfix Spiral Cutter is a combination of a handheld and countertop spiralizer. It’s very innovative and it looks attractive. It definitely delivers as advertised. It gives you beautifully spiralized vegetables in a variety of shapes that will make your dishes not only look beautiful but taste satisfying as well.


  • Offers 4 different cutting widths
  • No need to change out blades with the help of an adjusting wheel
  • Folding lid makes it secure so there are no exposed blades
  • Upper chamber contains the vegetable to be spiralized
  • Lower chamber is detachable and catches spiralized vegetables
  • Can be attached to a lower chamber for countertop function, complete with non-slip base
  • Lower chamber can be detached for handheld spiralizing
  • Dishwasher safe


The GEFU Spiralfix Spiral Cutter makes it easy to for you to start spiralizing and makes it completely safe too. It’s designed so that no blades are exposed so you won’t be worried that you might cut yourself or your kids.

It’s also pretty easy to use and comes with instructions on how to use it. You can also see instructional videos online to make it easier for you to start using the spiralizer.

The vegetables are not exposed during the spiralizing process. You place the vegetables inside the upper chamber, fold the lid down, press to secure onto the vegetable and start turning away.

The spiralized vegetables will be caught in the lower chamber, or you can choose to detach the lower chamber and have it spiralize directly into a bowl or a larger container.

What you’ll love about the GEFU Spiralfix Spiral Cutter is that it combines the handheld and countertop spiralizer models. When you use the lower chamber with a non-slip bottom, it becomes a vertical turner slicer. When you detach the lower chamber, it becomes a handheld slicer.

The GEFU Spiralfix Spiral Cutter allows for four noodle shapes, all without having to change a single blade. You simply turn the adjusting wheel to the desired width of the blade and you’ll get the desired shape you want.

Things to be Aware Of

The upper chamber is designed so that the blades don’t have to be exposed, but it does limit the vegetable you want to spiralizer. The vegetable must be able to fit inside the upper chamber, both in diameter and height.

When you choose to use it as a handheld spiralizer, it’s pretty difficult as it’s quite large for a handheld spiralizer and turning it midair requires a lot of effort. It’s not as relaxing as you might think.

Bottom Line

It’s a little expensive but if you’re a fan of handheld or small countertop spiralizers, the GEFU Spiralfix Spiral Cutter is a pretty good choice.

Benriner Turner Slicer

The Benriner Turner Slicer is an impressive spiralizer that’s made in Japan. It boasts quality, ultra-sharp blades, and very good results when spiralizing fruits and vegetables. It claims to be able to serve 50 in just 5 minutes.

It’s the perfect tool to have in the kitchen when you want to serve healthy dishes during your parties or family get-together.


  • Comes with 4 stainless steel blades for different noodle shapes
  • Easy to use
  • Switching blade is designed to be quick and easy with a simple screw
  • Very sturdy plastic design
  • Made in Japan
  • Comes in pastel green color


When a product is made in Japan, you know quality hasn’t been sacrificed. That’s what you get with the Benriner Turner Slicer. It’s slightly more expensive compared to others in the market but it definitely pays off in performance.

The blades are sharp and come in four different kinds to offer different shapes. Changing the blades is quick and easy. You only need to turn the thumb screw to loosen the blade in place and replace it with the desired blade for a new shape.

Cleaning is a breeze as well. You’ll only need a brush to effectively remove the bits and pieces that may have gotten stuck during the process. The vegetables or fruits are held securely in place. It produces a small core after the spiralizing, but the core can be used for stocks or be chopped up and used as decoration.

Things to Be Aware Of

Safety may be a concern for spiralizer lovers with kids. The blades are exposed and are not even enclosed with any plastic at all. You have to manipulate the blade carefully when switching out blades in order to avoid getting cut during the process.

There are only two rubber stoppers on the bottom of the Benriner Turner Slicer, but it doesn’t move around so much, especially when you use your hands as anchors while you are spiralizing away. However, compared to other spiralizers with all bases featuring suction cups, it’s at a bit of a disadvantage.

Bottom Line

If you’re willing to spend more than $50 on a spiralizer, then buying the Benriner Turner Slicer won’t be a problem for you. It performs flawlessly and produces beautiful results except for the exposed blades which may put some people off, especially if you want to completely avoid any cuts while spiralizing.

KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment

The KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment is good news for spiralizing lovers who already own a KitchenAid standing mixer. It doesn’t matter which model you have, as it is compatible with all models of KitchenAid standing mixer. It comes complete with everything you need for perfectly spiralized vegetables and fruits.


  • Comes with different blades for peeling, slicing, coring, and spiralizing
  • Easy to use, simply attach to the power hub
  • Premium construction with metal
  • Convenient storage and has its own box with compartments
  • Completely dishwasher safe except for main body


The biggest advantage of the KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment is that it’s very convenient if you already have a KitchenAid standing mixer. This eliminates the need for you to buy a whole new appliance and simply go for a smaller attachment instead.

An attachment only takes up a little space compared to a whole spiralizing unit and you get to make the most out of your KitchenAid mixer.

Another advantage this attachment offers is that it’s pretty easy to use and pretty quick to assemble. It also has several blades you can switch out so that you can get different results or shapes or change the function. It not only spiralizes, it also peels, cores, and slices.

You can put away all the attachments and parts in a nice little box with compartments for each piece so you know whether you’re missing a piece or not.

Things to Be Aware Of

For an attachment alone, it isn’t cheap. In fact, it costs more than buying a separate spiralizer. However, the construction is metal compared to the plastic spiralizers in the market so it should last you a long time.

There are a lot of parts. Assembly may be quick but you’ll need to attach several different parts before you can even begin to spiralize! This also means you have plenty of parts to disassemble and clean up. Everything but the main body can be placed in the dishwasher. The main body simply has to be wiped down with a clean, damp cloth.

The attachment limits the size of the vegetable you want to spiralize. Lastly, the peeling function tends to peel a little thicker than you might want.

Bottom Line

If you love all things KitchenAid then you’ll love this Spiralizer Attachment. However, for the price point, you may just want to opt to buy a new and separate spiralizer instead. You get to save a lot of money plus you get a new tool to use in the kitchen and add to your collection.

Paderno World Cuisine Rouet Spiral Slicer

If you want to take your spiralizing to the next level, then it’s time to go professional. The Paderno World Cuisine Rouet Spiral Slicer isn’t just made for the home; it’s made for commercial purposes as well.

If you have a restaurant and want to impress your customers with beautiful salads and healthy dishes, you just might want to invest in the Paderno.


  • Quality made for commercial purposes
  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • Produces julienne and ribbon cuts
  • Thickness of noodles can be adjusted
  • Blades are interchangeable for different shapes
  • Secure suction bases on each foot of the spiralizer


The Paderno World Cuisine Rouet Spiral Slicer is quality at its finest. It is unlike the plastic spiralizers in the market. This one is made of metal and comes with very sharp blades that can be changed to form different noodle shapes.

Changing the blades is quick and easy. Each blade may be sharp but it does have a protective plastic backing. Unlike many spiralizers in the market, you can adjust the thickness of your noodles.

This spiralizer works using a horizontal crank. It secures the vegetable onto a central core spike so it produces a core that you might want to save for a stock, composting, or simply use it for cooking in the dish or decoration.

It might look a little big but it has a small footprint. You won’t have as many parts to clean up because there aren’t a lot of surfaces for dirt to stick on. Plus, the whole thing is dishwasher friendly.

Things to Be Aware Of

This spiralizer is expensive. If you’re only going to use this occasionally at home, you may not get the most of it and you simply won’t get your return of investment very soon. If you are working in a restaurant, this can be very useful and definitely worth the money you spent on it.

For commercial purposes, it would’ve been better if it could be motor operated. Alas, this one is manually operated so it does take some more time to get the number of noodles you want to make for a batch order.

Bottom Line

Paderno doesn’t disappoint its users. This spiralizer is claimed to be one of the best spiralizers in the market, and it meets its reputation. It is built with quality and durability for commercial purposes so it’s not likely to break any time soon.

It’s very easy to operate and quick to clean up too. It’s everything you need to serve your customers with beautiful and healthy spiralized dishes.